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"96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than a static billboard." - Outdoor Advertising Magazine, July/August 2004

HITCH Mobile Billboard is the Most Dynamic, Cost Effective Mobile Advertising Platform in the World

With the ADHITCH you have the ability to create three specific ads and interact directly with your target audience, consumers on their way to buy. The Keys to it's effectiveness and versatility are the rotation of the 3 signs which creates a 97% higher retention rate than static billboards, and the ability to change your advertising campaign in 2 minutes. The ADHITCH fits in the 2" hitch receiver of any vehicle. It swings away from the vehicle allowing access to the rear of the vehicle it is attached to. It can be taken off the vehicle, put on a stand and rolled out onto a side walk or into a store front window.   

Outdoor Advertising rules the landscape of traditional advertising mediums. You cannot turn it off! Tivo, DVR's and remote control allow you to skip TV commercials, radio is not as effective as it once was, and Satellite radio is commercial free. Yellow pages and Newspaper print ads are not as effective in the Internet age. Spam blockers and Pop up blockers limit the effectiveness of Internet advertising. And...When was the last time you read a direct mail piece?

Billboards are no longer reserved for Fortune 500 companies. The ADHITCH Mobile Billboard System is easily operated, boasts a superb pricing plan, and has the power to boost any targeted marketing efforts, even down to a specific street address. In terms of impact and value, the ADHITCH "Total Marketing System" is second to none.